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Security Policy

Supported Versions

2.2-dev⚠️Docs Release
2.1.1Docs Release
2.0.3Docs Release
1.6.1Docs Release
1.5.1Docs Release
1.4.4Docs Release
1.3.2Docs Release
1.2.1Docs Release
1.1.2Docs Release
1.0.0Docs Release

Older versions can be found here.

Reporting a Vulnerability

Please use the bug tracker for reporting bugs. Please make sure you are on the latest stable or nightly release.

Use or the github security advisory if you want to report a security vulnerability. Don’t use the bug tracker for security vulnerabilities!

Version scheme

The version scheme is based on Semantic Versioning. All stable versions will be released in stable branch while all alpha, beta and release candidates will be released in the nightly branch. There will be alphas, betas and release candidates on every major release, betas and release candidates on every minor release and release candidates on every patch release.


mainThis branch is production ready. It will be updated when a new stable version is released!Stable
develop⚠️This branch is only for testing and developing. Pull request for feature requests should only be added here!Nightly

Read more about nightly here.