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To edit the background of the page, click on the icon and there, on the page icon. There, you’ll have the option to click on the icon. On a computer, you can also use the ctrl-B shortcut.

When configuring a backgournd, you have two tabs. The General tab to select the type of background to use, and the To configure the selected background.


There are 8 different background templates available that you can choose from. For each of the available patterns, you can configure the following:


In the horizontal configuration tab, you have the following option:

  • Width - the width for each row respectively.
  • Count - you can group the rows in group that way.
  • Space - the distance between each group of rows.

For example, to create a music sheet, you can use the following configuration: Width - 40, Count - 5, Space - 80

The vertical configuration follows the same logic for columns instead of rows


The image background type allows you to upload an image and use it as background for the page.


The scale in x and y direction can be changed if this image to small or big.